Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is a significant cause of mortality and morbidity with around 1.4 million attendances to emergency departments in England and Wales following a head injury. These can range from a minor injury to the ~1% with significant life threatening bleeds requiring neurosurgery. Even minor head injury can have significant long term consequences with significant impacts on life and work felt by some sufferers years following injury.

We are a team of emergency medicine researchers based at the University of Cambridge, Division of Anaesthesia. We are largely focused on the diagnosis and management of TBI with a principle focus on mild head injury. We work with multiple partners worldwide to aim to deliver clinical improvements in the management of TBI.

Would you like to help reduce the pressure on the Emergency Department?

We are interested in developing strategies to help increase the speed of diagnosis of brain injury, to help get the right people to the care needed, and get those who can be home, home. We are also interested in methods of following up patients with mild head injury, to highlight those with ongoing problems and to help direct them to the right care.


Are you a patient who has had a head injury?

Do you look after someone who has had a head injury?

Are you interested in helping improve emergency care?


We need your help on a steering group to discuss some of the new and innovative ideas prior to clinical investigation.

This website lists some of the projects we are currently involved in where your help and feedback would be of great help!

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The TBI emergency medicine research team.

~1.4 million attendances to for head injury to Hospital each year

         155, 919

admissions for head injury in 2016-17.


     427 patients            admitted per day

up to 30% of patients will develop persistent symptoms following minor head injury