Projects are proposed by researchers at the University of Cambridge, Division of Anaesthesia and funded in part by the above organisations.

Health Foundation/Academy of Medical Sciences Clinician Scientist Fellow

Dr Virginia Newcombe completed her PhD in neuroimaging and traumatic brain injury in 2009. Her research interests include using imaging as a biomarker for prognosis, the trajectory of traumatic brain injury and outcomes after critical illness.

With projects based in the Emergency Department and Neurosciences Critical Care Unit her research encompasses the entire spectrum of TBI from mild to severe. She divides her time between research and clinical training in intensive care and emergency medicine.

Wellcome Trust PhD Fellow

Dr Sophie Richter is a Wellcome Trust PhD Fellow and Specialty Registrar in Emergency Medicine.

Her research focuses on the development of decision tools for the prognosis and management of traumatic brain injury in the emergency setting.

This is closely intertwined with her interest in rigorous data analysis including the handling of missing data.

She is Internal Examiner for the Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Clinical Practice (PHEM) and Faculty Member for Regional Critical Appraisal Training.

Academic Clinical Fellow

Dr Daniel Whitehouse is an Academic Clinical Fellow and Speciality Registrar in Emergency Medicine. His research focuses on the diagnosis and management of brain injury in the emergency setting.

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